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I was somewhat skeptical of how a sleep consultant could work after hearing some positive and some negative feedback from friends on their own experiences. 

When the opportunity came up to get help from Georgina, we were very ready to get some help with our 7 month old son. In the space of a week, we went from actively rocking, shushing, patting, singing, feeding, (everything under the sun) to get him to sleep; to him happily self settling to sleep.

As we had tried a number of things already, Georgina suggested we try letting him cry it out. We fully appreciate that this isn't for everyone, but it worked wonders for our son. It immediately changed our lives.

I know that sounds a bit much, but we went from trying to put him down for an hour, to then being on edge waiting for him to wake again, and us to repeat the process - to suddenly sitting down together calmly eating dinner and relaxing! We travel a lot, and he has no problems sleeping in different rooms and cots. He self settles if he wakes during the night, and when we put him down in his cot, he will grin and wave goodbye to us, then happily chat to his friends in his cot before going to sleep. 

Getting Georgina's help truly changed the way we were living our lives - and we all now are getting all the sleep we need! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Julia, Atticus's mum (New Zealand) 7 months old

We contacted Georgina because we were having difficulties with our daughter Sophie's sleep, or lack of it! Sophie, who was 10 months at the time, had never slept well from birth, often refusing to nap and waking frequently at night. We were all exhausted!

Georgina was a huge help to us, and very reassuring. With her support and guidance we were able to get Sophie into a much better routine with her daytime naps and at bedtime, as well as tackling the night time waking. Georgina gave us the confidence to deal with Sophie's sleep issues, as well as providing a sympathetic ear! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any parents who find themselves in the same boat.

Katy, Sophie's mum (United Kingdom) 10 months old

Georgina was an absolute God send! Within three days she had my life turned around for the better... our little one was constantly waking in the night and by day 3 was sleeping through, and it was all done in a way that I could manage and emotionally cope with. Sleep is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone and we were incredibly grateful that Georgina was able to help us.

Lucinda, William's mum (New Zealand)

Millie arrived 2 months early, so a long stay in NICU really solidified a very in practical routine for when we arrived home. As our skin to skin contact became more infrequent, Millie was unable to join sleep cycles and wouldn’t sleep for longer than 45 minutes.

With a very over tired baby and mummy, a friend recommended Georgina. She had fantastic techniques in regards to resettling Millie and tailored a plan suitable to her unique needs. This plan was flexible and not unrealistic, just perfect for a new babe. Not only this but Georgina was the most incredible support. Reassurance and encouragement are so vital when dealing with a new mum and Georgina portrays all this and more. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

Kirsty, Millie's mum (New Zealand) 16 weeks old

Georgina has been paramount in the development of excellent sleeping habits by our six month old daughter over the last few months. Georgina provides us with clear guidance and makes herself available at all times to answer our questions, irrespective of how silly they are. Her advice is always practical, age appropriate, and tailored to our specific needs/wants. However, in our opinion, her greatest asset is the manner in which she provides her guidance - free of any judgement or patronisation.

It is obvious that Georgina genuinely enjoys working with families and cares greatly about ensuring that everyone is getting enough sleep!

Hannah, Isabella's mum (New Zealand) 6 months old 

As first time parents we didn't have any real idea of what was normal for a baby, in relation to sleep, and found an overwhelming amount of conflicting information out there! Our 8 week old baby seemed to only settle with a lot of movement, which had us worried about starting bad sleep habits. We were recommended Georgina to chat too and I am so thankful we were.

Georgina guided, supported and educated us around baby sleep and also gave us manageable strategies for how to ensure our baby's sleep habits worked for us as a family. I would highly recommend Georgina to all parents, especially new ones! She is caring, knowledgeable and we felt we could trust her straight away.

Greta, Maeve's mum (New Zealand) 8 weeks old

We first contacted Georgina when Daisy was 6 months and started waking multiple times in the night.  She gave us some simple, practical advice and after the tweaks to her feeding routine we started to get a lot more sleep! I was weaning at the time and Georgina helped with that, as well as times and ideas for solid meals. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming so having a simple, well explained routine really helped me. A couple of months later, I got in touch with Georgina again after some terrible nights. Daisy had been sleeping through so it was difficult to go backwards! Again, Georgina suggested a few changes to the routine, and gave us some resettling tips and we are back to ‘normal’. We still have the odd wakeful night but feel much better equipped to deal with it now.

Lucy, Daisy's mum (New Zealand) 6 months old 

Georgina was amazing! I found the thought of sleep training daunting and scary but Georgina gave great practical advice and offered help and reassurance along the way. Maggie is sleeping better than we could have imagined and I couldn't recommend her more. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to reach out to Georgina earlier!

Joanna, Maggie's mum (Australia) 12 months old 


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