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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms”)

1. The Company is the owner and publisher of the content created in the website (referred to as “our”, “we”, ”us”). Your use of this website, and/or the purchase of any goods or services from us constitutes your agreement to the following Terms and our Privacy Policy.  

2. You must let us know any and all of your child’s medical history and conditions and it is your obligation to keep us updated with any changes in the child’s medical history, whilst working  with us. We will keep this information strictly confidential and only disclose as required by law.

3. The child’s medical history will be noted within the plan we provide to you, it is your obligation to review this and advise us if it is not accurate or information is missing. If no corrections are made by you, we will assume the history noted in the plan is factual and accurate.

4. Our advice should not be taken instead of seeking medical advice from your doctor. You should always talk to your doctor if you are concerned about anything medical relating to your child. It is our recommendation that you disclose our consultations with your doctor. 

5. Payments must be made in full before consultations are booked and sleep plans are sent to the client. We reserve the right to postpone the call or sleep plan if payment is not received. 

6. Cancellations for phone consultations will be refunded if made 48 hours prior to appointments and another time can not be rescheduled. 

7. Refunds will not be made on sleep plans once they have been sent out to clients.

8. In the event your child becomes unwell during the process, we may in our sole discretion allow a follow up consultation to be rescheduled

9. Sleep plans are not to be sent to friends of clients. Sleep plans are personalised for that specific child and are not appropriate for other children.

10. You give permission for us to screenshot positive feedback made by you as the client and for her to share that on her social media forums. Names and personal details will not be shared, unless consent expressly provided by you.  

11. The client agrees to follow safe sleep practices which are in line with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome recommendations and understands the safety guidelines on co-sleeping. If the client is unsure of what these are they can ask us for more information.

12. If we do not hear from you via email or phone she will assume the training is going well and no advice is needed. It is up to you as the client to get in touch with us regarding any questions if another phone call is not scheduled. 


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